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In mould label, off set print and post mould labelling options are available for the majority of our polypropylene containers. These include ring lock tubs and buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes. We are happy to discuss any enquiry for branded or decorated containers and can offer our substantial experience in this area to both new and existing clients.

We stock a large range of injection moulded tamper evident tubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of these containers are produced from 100% PP and are fully microwaveable and recyclable. We also offer an extensive range of thermoformed hinged and lidded salad packs and plastic bakery containers in both PET and OPS. These include rectangular and oval hinged containers ranging in capacity from 250cc to 1000cc which can be used in a variety of applications.

Many of our tamper proof containers and pails are used in pharmaceutical applications. UN approved screw top pails as well as rip seal pots are available in a range of sizes.

Our PP buckets and pails range in size from 1 litre to 60 litres. Many of these are available from stock including round, square and rectangular styles. In mould labelling and offset print is also possible in almost all cases.

Corcoran Products also specialise in bakery packaging, food grade packaging in Dublin, Ireland. For more information in relation to our bakery packaging range and our food grade packaging, please contact our Dublin office, Ireland